Volume 1, pp. 1-19
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Methodological aspects of economic sistainable development of health care
Volume 1, pp. 20-29
V.Petrenko, S.Kiś, Y.Kalambet,
The Process of intelligence usage as a fundamental problem of rationalizaing the human use of earths natural resources
Volume 1, pp. 30-35
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A new paradigm of modernization of social security management as a indicator of economic growth
Volume 1, pp. 36-44
T.S. Ibragimov, Zh.M. Altybaev, E.B. Isaev, S.Sh. Asenov, F.Zh. Zhabborova, D. Musametova
Research of the features of the distribution area essential oil plants of the Turkestan oblast and its floristic composition
Volume 1, pp. 44-57
G. Świecarz
Selected aspects of motivating in the organization. Theoretical study

Volume 2, pp. 1-10
The sources of innovation and creativity in the system of higher education
Volume 2, pp. 11-22
M. Jaworska, Y, Zavhorodnia, Y. Snitko, B. Chernukha
Competency approach in the progessional training of managers. History and modern times
Volume 2, pp. 23-47
J. Jasińska, K. Barna
Organizations ability to manage change. Reserch reviev
Volume 2, pp. 48-62
G. Świecarz
Disability and rehabilitation in human life

Volume 3, pp. 1-31
C.P.S. Rabiga Ismanova, A. Meruyert
System of inclusive education in Republic of Kazakhstan
Volume 3 pp. 32-43
C.P.S. Rabiga Ismanova, A. Meruyert
Research the forms and methods of forming perception and transmission of space the technique of volume painting
Volume 3, pp. 44-59
G. Czapski
Modern and innovative ways of job seeking and threats and risks realted to it
Volume 3, pp. 60-75
ks. G. Świecarz
The mystery of Christ – the fate of man. Analysis of scientific literature

Volume 4, pp. 35-44
I. Zhalgasbek, S. Mombekova, A. Kulaysh

Amalisys pf safety and vulnerabilities of the levels of the infrastucture and applications android
Volume 4, pp. 45-54

N. Sobala, K. Sobala
Safety management of emploers performing work in the construction inthe cinstruction sector
Volume 4, pp. 55-67

S. Malinowski
Strategy and its features. Role of strategy in managing higher education institution. Change in organization

Volume 5, pp. 1-11
A. Nowakowska
Cooperative relationshipsin the supply chain on the example of a selected company
Volume 5, pp. 12-25
ks. G. Świecarz

Hell in the hope of salvation for all
Volume 5, pp. 26-38
R. E. Paliga

Reviews and research on HIV and AIDS in Poland in 1983-1993
Volume 5, pp. 39-48
A. Nowakowska

Network approach and its benefits on the example of Group Auto Union Polska
Volume 5, pp. 49-60

G. Świecarz
Church music in Silesia in the Vatican situation II
Volume 5, pp. 61-67

G. Świecarz
Functions of the liturgical music in the Vatican situation II