INTERNATIONAL INTERDISCIPLINARY SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL (CZ-WNS) – is an open, peer-reviewed scientific journal. The interdisciplinary journal is addressed primarily to scientists who want to publish their discoveries, insights, observations, conclusions, etc. concerning: social sciences and humanities, science and technology, natural sciences.

    In accordance with Polish MNISW requirements, a minimum of 11-12 pages (min. 20 000 characters) of the submitted manuscript may be submitted for review before the paper is considered for publication in this journal.

    It seems natural and obvious that all scientific papers to be published in the international journal INTERNATIONAL INTERDISCIPLINARY SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL (CZ-WNS) must contain quotations from articles from well-known, prestigious international scientific journals. These are formal conditions before submitting the paper to reviewers. The papers submitted to the Editorial Office, containing references to other sources or evidence, cannot be taken into account and will not even be considered.

    Information on the form and style of submitted articles can be found in the section “Instruction for Authors”.

    The address for submitted articles can be found in the “Submit your article” section.

    All published articles can be found in the section “Browse articles”.


Editor in Chief

Miroslaw Kowalczykow