Volume 1, pp. 1-14
Antonina Litińska
The sources of innovation and creativy in the system of higher education
Volume 1, pp. 15-28
Dominik Kabus

Technologies in food transportation
Volume 1, pp. 29-35
Oskar Braszczyński
Comparing and contrasting the “Structure – Conduct -Performence” and “Redource-Based View” od usiness strategy
Volume 1, pp. 36-54
Liliana Gląb, Małgorzata Gniadzik

Application od sorgaab in combination wuth reduced doses of herbocodes on weed control
Volume, 1. pp. 55-69
Damian Kuchta

Financial institutions in Polsih legal system
Volume 1, pp. 70-81
Piotr Kozłowski

International agreed standards fot tax havens